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The duo that is "Cambridge and Walker" is the result of a mutual interest in traditional songs, especially harmony singing, arising from individual performances at Blackfen Folk Club. David (Cambridge) sings and plays guitar/guzouki (occasionally a rainstick) and has been building a reputation as a singer/guitarist in Cambridge and the surrounding area- his love of the guitar is such that he spends a good deal of his time building them. Jenna (Walker) sings and plays piano/melodeon/piano accordion/sansula and has been singing in Cambridge for many years- she has just completed a Masters in Traditional Folk Music. During the festival season of 2016, David and Jenna decided to actually try singing as a duo- they went public in that autumn at Blackfen, Cambridge and Bury folk clubs and the responses of friends and audiences convinced them to carry on. Since then they have appeared on local radio (BBC Radio Cambridgeshire; Cambridge 105; West Norfolk Radio) and played at various folk clubs in East Anglia with headline performances at Acoustic Roots-Cambridge, Blackfen, Cambridge, Great Bardfield, Four Rivers-Hertford, Hadleigh, Milkmaid-Bury St.Edmunds), Royston, St. Neots, Thetford and White Horse-Hertford folk clubs. They have also played at the City Roots and Speakout events in Cambridge, Royston Music Festival, and the Folkalldayer event in Bury St.Edmunds. During the summers of 2017 and 2018 “Cambridge and Walker" were invited to play at Blackfen Folk Clubs' Folk Day concerts, and at Bury, Ely and Cambridge Folk Festivals. In 2019 they are scheduled to play at Cambridge Folk Festival and Royston Folk Clubs Shindig event.


photos by ellie lucas