New Routes, The Junction on 14th September 2019

Fabulous space and sound for this short set gig at New Routes and it all went down very well with a very appreciative audience. Some very nice comments afterwards including the following recommendation “An exceptional duet. Throughly enjoyed their very moving music in an intimate setting at Cambridge Junction - New Routes” that was posted onto our Facebook page by Paul Smith. We hope to play a longer set there in the future.


Woodfest, Hatfield Forest on 6th September

This was a late addition to our gig schedule but it turned out to be one of our best. We were fortunate enough to be given a longer set time and, after an extremely kind and complimentary introduction from MC Chris Walls, proceeded to play one of our tightest and most balanced sets of the year. It was a bit chilly in the marquee that night (in contrast with the lovely warm day on the following Sunday) but the audience was quite the opposite. It was very evident that they enjoyed our music and we were stopped and thanked by a good number of them on the way out and afterwards whilst we were quietly eating (NB The Duck Truck served the best food!). The nicest compliment came from a guy who was standing next to us while we were listening to Adrian Nation- he told us “he had really enjoyed our set- it was a special moment”

Royston Folk Club "Shindig" on 25th August 2019

photo by Mike Wells

photo by Mike Wells

We were very pleased to be invited to play at Royston Folk Clubs very first “Shindig” event. An outdoor mini-fest for a very good cause held in glorious sunshine at Chris and Lesleys field and garden near Royston. The lineup for the two days featured many of the local musicians who we know very well. For the second time we incorporated Jennas keyboard into the set for our two self-penned songs, but next time we must remember to site the keyboard well away from any speakers as we had some feedback happening periodically. A good-sized and very warm audience, good sound and some very kind comments afterwards- always good to to know that people have enjoyed our music. Sadly we weren’t able to stay long after our set and listen to the other folk as we had to drive to Wale that night, but a very good event and hopefully we’ll be invited back in 2021.

Cambridge Folk Festival on 1-4th August 2019.


Very good to be performing at Cambridge Folk Festival this year in two guises.

Firstly, we were part of the English Traditional Sessions, organised by Tim Mellor, which took place each day at different locations around the festival site- these sessions are all about reviving English folk songs in the tradition of singing together- good fun and there was good participation from the festival attendees.

Secondly, we played the final set of the club sessions in the Club Tent on Sunday evening. Some very new self-penned material from us, showcasing Jenna on piano, and some new arrangements of songs, one of which incorporated the sansula and rainstick. As ever at the festival, we had some issues with the sound, but we had some really lovely feedback (especially from Greg Macdonald of Glymjack and Emily Mae Winters mum and sister).

St. Neots Folk Club on 11th June 2019

An email from Roger at St. Neots Folk Club saw us playing there in support of Bram Taylor. An opportunity to air two new songs- our new version of “Horn Fair” with sansula and rainstick (Jenna had to give a small introduction to our new musical toy- the sansula- related to the ubirra ) and “Home lads home “ with piano-accordion backing. The audience at St. Neots do seem to have a very comprehensive knowledge of folk songs and were singing along with us and with Bram.

Cambridge Folk Club on 17th May 2019

Very good to be returning to Cambridge Folk Club at the Golden Hind for our double-header along with Hunter Musket. Its always a great pleasure to play here and Chris, the soundman, was on top form with the sound through the clubs new PA. First up on the stage was someone new to us, Anna Hesta, who played the support slot. Very much enjoyed her self-penned songs. We then arranged ourselves on stage for a long set incorporating some new material in amongst our established songs- very enjoyable and some excellent joining in. Hunter Musket followed us after the break and raffle (our raffle tickets came up trumps, which is always good). We met and heard Terry Hiscox playing solo at Hadleigh Folk Club in December, and he, plus other 3 members of the band, did not disappoint. All in all, a very good night and we look forward to playing at Cambridge Folk Club agin some time.

Four Rivers Folk Club, Hertford on 8th May 2019

Another first visit for us to Four Rivers Folk Club, located in a fine old building in the centre of Hertford, and run by Pat Crilly. Excellent floor spots before our sets from Pat, Craig Joiner and Mike Excell. After an awkward “frog in throat” moment for Jenna in our first song, we managed to pack 12 songs/tunes into our two half-hour sets, including some new material. It was a very good evening, with a very appreciative audience and some very complimentary remarks at the end of the evening- always very pleasing to receive the latter.