Woodfest, Hatfield Forest on 6th September

This was a late addition to our gig schedule but it turned out to be one of our best. We were fortunate enough to be given a longer set time and, after an extremely kind and complimentary introduction from MC Chris Walls, proceeded to play one of our tightest and most balanced sets of the year. It was a bit chilly in the marquee that night (in contrast with the lovely warm day on the following Sunday) but the audience was quite the opposite. It was very evident that they enjoyed our music and we were stopped and thanked by a good number of them on the way out and afterwards whilst we were quietly eating (NB The Duck Truck served the best food!). The nicest compliment came from a guy who was standing next to us while we were listening to Adrian Nation- he told us “he had really enjoyed our set- it was a special moment”