The Folk Show on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire 19th November 2018

We had the great pleasure of appearing live on The Folk Show, hosted by Sue Marchant and Nicky Stockman, at the BBC Radio Cambridgeshire studios. Our time on the show was split between chatting about us and our music, live performances of a couple of our songs (“Briar and the Rose”, “It was a’ for our rightful king”) and a further playing of one of our recorded songs (“Two magicians”). Its an interesting experience playing to a radio-land audience as you can’t see or hear them, so there is no real-time feedback, but we had a very good time and Sue and Nicky were excellent hosts. I should note that, in the earlier part of the show, Boxwood Chessmen were in the hot seats, and it was good to catch up with them briefly before we went into the studio.