Royston MusicFest'18 on 23 September 2018

Cambridge and Walker were invited by the organiser (Carl Filby) to play at this annual music festival, and of course we were delighted to showcase our songs. We played three sessions during the day at different venues throughout Royston. Session 1, around lunchtime, was a 45 minute set in the unusual setting of the Royston Conservative Club. There was quite a good sized audience who seemed to enjoy our songs, but it was an interesting experience to be singing across folk who were also enjoying their lunches! Session 2, an hour later, happened in the Jolly Postie (the old Royston Post Office which is now an eatery) and we played a slightly different set with our good friend Les Ray doing the sound. A more diffuse audience but several people took the trouble to make complimentary comments and thank us for our set. Session 3 in the evening was as part of a gala concert involving many of the artistes who had played during the day- a shorter 20 minute set for us, but we thought it was the best- and really enjoyable to hear playing of the friends and other folk who had also played during the day.